Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Philly Love

Hi everyone,

It's almost 2009! (and I still don't have any resolutions yet :/ ). Hopefully, I'll think of some before the work day is over and post them quickly!

I wanted to focus this entry to my local team: the Philly Etsy Team. I joined this team only about a month ago or less, and I'm still amazed at the local talent in this area. The team doesn't only consist of members from the city of Philadelphia, but also the surrounding states and counties.

In honor of this team, I created a treasury of SOME of my favorites from this wonderful group of people. When there are show and event updates for the team, I will be sure to post them on this blog! You can also visit the Philly Etsy team blog by clicking on the team picture found in my right column.

Since the treasury is expired, I've included a list of the shop that I used so you can locate them. :)

Large Gold Patterned Plates - Amy Esther

Red Tree Earrings - Yasha Butler

Pink and Green Beaded Bead Necklace - Dluxe Designs

Oven Mitts for Cyclists - Girls Can Tell

Little Houses - Sqrl Bee

Dahlia Thank You Notes - Red Red Orange

Olive Green Tweed Handbag - Gigglepotamus

Lotion Bar - Liliths Apothecary

Black Capped Chickadee - Allison Ostertag

Seedling - Say Hi Beth

Sweet. - Hummingbird Handmade

Secret Garden Headband - Lisa Kathryn Designs

I hope you enjoy these shops!


  1. Hi! I'm from the Philly Etsy team and just in case you didn't see the post on google groups, I used one of your items in the Philly Etsy New Years Resolution guide on my blog,

    Happy new years, hope to meet you at one of our meeting!


  2. Those are great! :D I gotta go check them all out now.