Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring is here!!

Hi everyone!

I can't belive I haven't blogged in almost a month! I've been super busy over the past couples weeks between my Etsy shop and my day job.

I've been dreaming and creating new items for my shop and am getting so excited to post them! I've also been working on many wholesale words and selling my birdie sachets in shops along the East Coast. I'm so happy and haven't had a break with sewing!

My most recent listing on Etsy have been embroidered pillows that I have been working on since the Philly Flower Show in the beginning of March. I finally got a chance to post them last week and have already sold my two favorites! Hopefully, there will be more to come!

I have also begun to switch my mind totally to summer when creating my items. My newer items will be inspired my fruits, flowers and the beach! Be sure to keep checking back to the shop!

And finally, I have a flickr site now! You can view photos of my items, vacations, and just life at:

I hope everyone has a nice, happy day!